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Golden Turmeric Latte

I LOVE the taste of turmeric lattes and knowing that I am fighting inflammation while enjoying this easy-to-make drink!  I’ll have my bullet-proof latte in the morning and this one in the evening (minus the coconut milk for me – see below).

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Bulletproof Latte

I enjoy this every morning!  Minus the coconut milk since, sadly, I’m sensitive.  Instead, I use MCT oil and ghee.  Before I did the MRT food sensitivity testing I was putting coconut oil in my coffee each day thinking it was good for me, but the old saying is true, what might be good for one may not be so good for another!  I am also not a slave to caffeine anymore.  Back in the day, if I missed my caffeinated coffee, I had a TERRIBLE headache.  I slowly weaned off of caffeine with the help of green tea, and now I drink organic decaf coffee.

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Chia-Flax Mixture

This is so easy to make and can be stored in your fridge all week!  Try adding two tablespoons to a smoothie for an awesome addition of fiber! Just make sure you keep shaking it while it sets.

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Bloat Fighting Tropical Smoothie

If you don’t have papaya, try adding any fruit you have on hand.  If you do have papaya add some seeds too.  They help fight parasites!  I learned this from a roadside fruit stand in Hawaii!

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Tropical Ginger Smoothie

I’m a sucker for ginger!  Pineapple, too – awesome!  Ginger is great for digestion, and the bromelain in the pineapple is a great anti-inflammatory, especially for seasonal allergies.

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Green Blender Juice or Smoothie

You can make this in the blender or in a juicer.  If you don’t have lemon or if you just want to use the power of essential oils, try adding three drops of lemon essential oil.

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Glowing Green Mango Energy Smoothie

Another awesome smoothie, and for this one, you can use lemon and lime essential oils.  

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Blueberry Beet Chia Pudding

I absolutely love chia pudding, and so does my digestion!  Just look at the picture above – delicious!   Be creative, use what you have, and make it your own!  Have fun!  My six-year-old nephew loved making this with me.

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Oven Roasted Kale Chips

I also absolutely LOVE kale chips and always wake up alkaline after eating these in the evening.  I drive my husband slightly crazy with my crunching, but this is the BEST evening snack. I keep trying to get him to like kale chips, too, but he loves his Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips! I use a dehydrator instead of the oven, but the oven works just as well.  I hope you like these as much as I do!

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Avocado Sweet Potato Toast with Poached Egg

Gluten-free baby!  My belly thanks me!  Doesn’t this look great!? Give it a try!

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