Day 7: Incorporate Yoga

A dear friend introduced me to yoga, and it has been a BIG part of my health journey. When I was in the midst of struggling with imbalances, yoga helped me strengthen my relationship with my body, my mind, and restore my faith in my ability to heal.

Certain poses, mantras, or parts of yoga practice are designed to stimulate specific glands to remove energy blocks and create space for positive energy to flow so hormones can be in balance.

The best part about yoga is how impactful it can be in such a short amount of time! You can do a few sun salutations, 30 minutes, or a 90-minute class. This time can involve movement, breathing exercise, meditation practice, and community involvement. It all falls under the title of yoga. Even laying on the floor with your palms face up or resting on your belly for 45 minutes counts as yoga and will give you an abundance of benefits.

I incorporate different types of yoga modalities into my daily routine. I almost always start my day with movement and breath to balance my adrenals and ego and lay the foundation for how I want my day to go.

There are many yoga types to try: Yin, Hatha, Power, Restorative, Kundalini, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Sivananda, to name a few. Try them all, see which one you like best. Or maybe you’ll be like me and take a little from each. It would be great to get involved with your local community for in-studio or virtual classes. You can even take virtual classes from a different state as I do. I feel fortunate to be part of Genevieve’s and my sister Talitha’s yoga studio in NH, Humble Warrior Power Yoga when I live in SC.

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