My Story

Since I was a young girl, I struggled with serious digestion issues.  I went through the years trying to avoid the things I knew would make me sick and I had no idea why my problem was happening.  For example, I figured out that I could not eat apples from the supermarket but I could eat them straight off the tree with no problem at all!  I could eat raw spinach, onions, peppers and mushrooms but never cooked.  When I decided to save the animals and become a vegetarian at the age 15 I had an amazing break through – I wasn’t getting sick anymore! I could eat everything – except meat. My mom did a great job experimenting with tofu but I learned that being a vegetarian was hard!  I pretty much lived off of salads until the age 19 when a friend talked me into trying a piece of meat… it was delicious!  I’d say up until age 25 I suffered with my digestion issues visiting many natural and conventional practitioners over the years.  When the conventional doctors suggested I have a colonoscopy, I ran for the hills!  I knew how to fix this myself.  I didn’t need a colonoscopy.  I just needed to be a vegetarian!My cousin told me that many of the women on my dad’s side of the family have the same problem as me.  I tried to convince her that I knew how to fix the problem and if she would just become a vegetarian it would solve all her issues but she claimed that our problem was how she stayed thin.  Yup, it sure does keep you thin and malnourished!

I ate meat during my second pregnancy at age 27 but went right back to being a vegetarian and thought this is how I have to live… While trying for a third child I decided not to eat meat and read a bunch of books about pregnancy and vegetarianism, we tried for 2 years up to the age of 35 with no luck.  Here and there I tried a little meat as suggested by my chiropractor and acupuncturist but I swear I could feel the pain starting and my anxiety over possibly having an issue was terrible!  Looking back now, my anxiety and stress around food probably had a great deal to do with my illness!

Fast forward to age 39, to a seminar with two naturopathic doctors…they talked about their experience with being vegan and how they eat meat today.  How they only eat grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic meat and all the reasons why you would not want to eat meat from factory farms (I knew those reason from the book I read 24 years ago!  Remember, I was trying to save the animals!!). I thought I’d give meat another try but only the good stuff, the humanely raised stuff, the hormone and antibiotic free stuff.  I felt good about supporting our local farmers.  I felt good about only eating humanely raised meat.  I felt good!

After decades of experimenting with learning my triggers, reducing stress, eating real food and most recently running diagnostic labs, I am excited to say that my daily (after every meal), painful (severe stomach cramps), embarrassing (hours spent in the bathroom and knowing where every public restroom was located) problem is history! I can’t even remember the last time I had what I called a bad belly.