Program Details

Sessions are held via an online audio conference which is easily accessible through your client portal.  This allows me to work with clients worldwide!
Functional Lab Testing
→  Easy at-home collection
→  Seamless shipping back to the lab
→  Results within 2-3 weeks
→  Lab reports available in your portal

Medical History Review
It is very important for me to get a detailed look at your medical history and what has brought you to were you are today.  You will fill out a series of intake forms prior to our first session.  Any questions or clarifications that I need will be communicated through the client portal.  While we wait for your results, simple dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be suggested.
→  Comprehensive medical history review
→  Dietary and lifestyle recommendations to get you started

Comprehensive Lab Interpretation
Outside of our sessions together I will carefully study your lab results to determine the best course of action and healing opportunities. Once completed I will post your labs in your private portal.  We will follow up with the results and recommendations session.  During this session expect to learn why we ran the test, what the results mean and why I am giving the recommendations I will give.
→  Careful lab analysis
→  Consideration of your unique case
→  60-minute results and recommendations session
→  Healing protocol

*times vary depending on the program you choose

Bio-Individual Protocol
Each person is their own individual. What I might recommend for one person may be very different for the next.  Based on your test results, correlated with the information from your intake forms, I will design the best protocol for you, your needs and your specific goals.
→  All documents created will be posted in your personal portal for easy access
→  Diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation recommendations

Follow-up Sessions
Once you start your protocol, we will have three follow up session and one email check in.  The first follow up session will be after you receive your supplements to make sure you are clear on how to proceed.  The second session will be via email to check in and see how you are doing with your new supplements. The third session will be at the half way mark and the final session will be at the end of your 90 days. These sessions will allow us to see how everything is going and to make any adjustments if necessary.  The final session will be a wrap up to see how you did and what your next step will be.
→  Three 15-30 minute follow-up sessions & one check in via email
→  Possible modifications made to the protocol
→  Wrap up session to discuss future plans for continued success
→  Optional additional sessions available – $75 per 30-45 minutes

From the time of our first session to our final session I am here for email support to clarify, answer questions and encourage.  I will try my best to respond within 48-72 hours if not sooner.
→  Email support
→  Response within 48-72 hours

Where is your money going?
Most lab fees will be paid directly to the lab.  Most of your supplements will come from Fullscript where you will create your own account, receive a 25% discount and pay them directly.  I will order any supplements that are not available from Fullscript and send you an invoice.  These may or may not be discounted.
Extra fees may include:
→  Supplements
→  Gym/yoga memberships
→  Healthy food/drinks
→  Supplies – blender, kitchen items, non-toxic cleaning and self-care items.
→  Nights out celebrating your success!