We are all unique.  Recognizing and honoring our uniqueness is the key to health and happiness.  I understand that there is no one perfect way to eat or live for everyone.  

My health coaching programs are customized to give you various choices based on your unique health and budget needs. Therefore, the duration and investment vary. I want to make this work as accessible as possible for those who genuinely want to invest in their health. Payment plans are available.

Let’s figure out what works best for you.  

Food Sensitivity Test

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) tests for hidden inflammatory responses to 170 different food and food chemicals.

A mediator release is the key pathological event associated with food-induced inflammation measuring the subtle volumetric changes in white blood cells after a positive antigen challenge.

This test will tell us which foods are reactive, moderately reactive, and non-reactive.

A key component in the “Diet” part of the DRESS for Health Success program is removing the reactive and moderately reactive items from your diet for a specific time.

This does not mean that you need to remove all of these items forever. Once your body begins to heal, you can start the reintroduction process.

This is a self-guided test.  You will get everything you need to succeed, and I will be just an email away to answer any questions.

Optional add-on test available.

Jump Start

Looking for a launching pad to start working towards your ideal health, but maybe you’re unsure where to start? Or maybe you’ve been working on it already and still feel like there are missing pieces to the puzzle? Then this might be the program for you.

I’ll assess your current health status using a series of in-depth questionnaires to clarify your most significant health concerns. We’ll identify what might be causing your issues and find healing opportunities to restore balance to your body. We’ll work together for six sessions and approximately three months guiding you on how to implement a new health journey.

I’ll provide customized recommendations for diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, proper supplementation, and toxin removal to support your body in the way that it needs it most. We’ll strive to reach your ideal health and weight so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

Optional add-on test available.


Have you been struggling and frustrated for a while with your health? You’ve likely spoken to your doctor, have tried multiple different diets and workout routines, seen various acupuncturists, chiropractors, trainers, or other practitioners, and still feel stuck. Or, maybe you want to improve your health for peak performance in your career and your everyday life to live life to the fullest. Then, this program is likely the solution for you.

Using functional lab testing and comprehensive questionnaires, we’ll take a deep dive look at your hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems of the body to see where sneaky underlying imbalances are preventing you from feeling your best.

I will create a personalized health re-building program that is realistic and provides you with long-lasting and sustainable results. This program includes eight coaching sessions and allows us to work together for about 6-8 months so you can get all the accountability and support needed to implement the lifestyle changes and recommendations effectively.

Optional add-in test available.

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more holistic approach

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It doesn’t have to happen all at once; in fact, people who take this approach often have difficulty sustaining their enthusiasm. So we will start small and build a strong base moving forward at your pace. It will become a way of life instead of a fad.