Complimentary Health Evaluation

Unlock Your Wellness Potential with a Personalized Health Discovery Session – This invaluable, no-cost 15-minute consultation marks your initial stride towards a healthier, more vibrant you. It serves as the perfect opportunity for us to delve into your current health concerns and aspirations, all while determining if the transformative world of functional nutrition is your ideal path to vitality.

To start your path to optimal health, just click the button below. I’ll send you a tailored questionnaire to better understand your unique situation. During our upcoming conversation, we’ll delve into your current circumstances, laying the foundation for your health journey. Your best self awaits – let’s get started!

Individual Sessions

Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions

Are you on the lookout for a solid starting point to embark on your journey towards optimal health, but finding it a tad perplexing? Perhaps you’ve already taken the first steps but still sense that a few crucial pieces of the puzzle are missing.

Well, look no further – this is precisely where your transformation begins!

During our sessions together, I’ll be here to support you in unleashing your inner strengths and tapping into external resources to facilitate lasting and healthful lifestyle changes. My approach is client-centered, which means you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to setting your goals, engaging in self-discovery or active learning, and monitoring your behaviors for increased accountability. Rest assured, I’ll be with you every step of the way until we achieve your desired outcome.

I’ve dedicated myself to achieving the highest standards in this profession, ensuring that I possess the skills and knowledge needed to walk side by side with you on your path to becoming your healthiest self.

You can choose from the convenient Three Sessions or Six Sessions package options, tailored to suit your needs and aspirations..

Individual Lab Testing

Individual Lab Testing – If you’re not ready to commit to the comprehensive 90-Day Program, you have the option to pursue lab tests individually.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss which lab tests align best with your health goals and concerns. These may include food sensitivity tests, gut health assessments, hormone and stress tests, or mineral level analysis. If you already have an idea of what you’re interested in, you can follow the links below to explore and purchase the tests now. Otherwise, we can have a chat to determine the best option for your unique journey to optimal health. Together, we’ll ensure you’re on the right path.

Food Sensitivity Testing

The MRT (Mediator Release Test) is a comprehensive assessment that identifies hidden inflammatory responses to 176 different foods and food chemicals.

Gut Health Testing

The GI Map offers a detailed look at your digestive system, pinpointing areas for improvement to create a personalized plan for better gut health.

Hormone Testing

The Dutch Test provides vital insights into your hormone and metabolic profile, offering guidance on your path to optimal wellness.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

The Trace Elements HTMA test reveals minerals and heavy metals, guiding us in rebalancing your health for optimal wellness.

Comprehensive Program

This program allows us to collaborate more intensively, driving focused progress toward your health goals.

The 90-Day Wellness Renewal Journey

A Functional Holistic Approach to Eliminating Unwanted Symptoms

Escape the trial-and-error cycle with our trusted program, empowering you to take charge of your health. Join thousands in achieving a vibrant, productive life through a holistic, whole-body approach that eliminates unwanted symptoms and builds a resilient foundation.

What’s included?

One Food Sensitivity Test

One Gut Health & Pathogens Test

One Hormone & Metabolic Assessment Test Kit

One Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test Kit

One Results Review Session with Recommendations

One Supplement Review Session

Six 45-minute Health & Wellness Coaching Sessions

Email Check-ins Between Sessions

Discount on Supplements

Educational Handouts

One Wrap-It-All-Up Session

Self-Guided Programs

While these programs may be delivered through email drips at specific intervals, you’ll always have access to revisit and review the materials.

7-Day Cleanse (Without Starving Yourself!)

Clean up your diet, curb cravings, and feel vibrant, energized, and glowing in just seven days.

This 7-day cleanse is crafted for those ready to dive headfirst into their journey toward healthier eating habits from day one!

What’s included?

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Safe Cleansing Guide
  • Step-by-Step Protocols 
  • The Cleansing Companion
  • Recipe Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Food/Mood/Poop Journal
  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Daily Support Emails

Fall Into Wellness


In Just 30 Days, We’ll Dive Into Various Areas Of Your Life That May Be Causing An Imbalance In Your Health And Happiness.

Your path to health extends beyond food alone. By first establishing a solid foundation, you set the stage for thriving on your wellness journey.

What’s inside the course?

  • Lay the foundation email before getting started
  • Weekly emails with a short video
  • Mid-week email check-ins
  • Program Workbook
  • Final email bundling all your resources


Reach out!

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“If you have gut issues, this is the program for you. I have tried many fad diets, but also many elimination diets like whole30 to identify triggers. Turns out a lot of clean foods are on my trigger list. This was so eye-opening. That elimination month was hard, but I lost 5 lbs, lost bloat, and my stomach felt the best it had in 10 years. I’m now 6 months in, and it is that much easier. I went on to the second phase to check my gut health and went through some skin purging, but everything I have done has been 100% worth it. I recommend it to anyone that shares their GI/skin pain/discomfort.”


“Katrina Hawes is an integral part of my well-being. She is knowledgeable, warm, and positive. She helps me look at my health as a whole system and something worth taking care of.”


“Katrina is extremely knowledgeable in whole health and best practices for living your best life. She helps you learn and understand why we should make ourselves and our health a priority. Katrina has a very calm and soothing bedside manner as she walks you through the test kits and your results. She takes a lot of information and makes it understandable and easy to follow. Her positive vibes and innate want to truly help you feel better is so comforting and inviting.”


Is there a payment plan for the comprehensive program?

Yes! We can discuss a payment plan during your FREE information session. Additionally, if you choose to break up the labs and complete them individually, it can provide more time for saving and budgeting.

My friend tried to live healthier and it didn’t work. Will it work for me?

Each Program is crafted specifically for YOU. There’s no universal approach, and what worked or didn’t work for your friend won’t necessarily be the same for you. We’ll discover the perfect fit for your unique journey.


Will I be able to stick to it?Will I be able to stay consistent? While motivation and willpower have their moments, they can be fleeting. With me as your accountability partner, we’ll make your goals a sustainable way of life, so you won’t need to stick to it – you’ll be living it!


Do we have to meet over video?

Video meetings are not mandatory; we can connect via phone if you prefer. However, I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to see you face-to-face, as it can enhance our communication and understanding of your needs.

Do I have to collect my stool?

If you opt for the GI Map Gut Health lab, yes, you will need to collect a sample. It may sound daunting, but the valuable insights it provides make it worthwhile. The Dutch Test requires a urine sample, and for the food sensitivity test, we’ll guide you to a local lab for a blood draw. Lastly, the HTMA requires a simple hair sample

How much time do I need?

It’s unique to each individual. You’ll allocate time for our sessions, and ideally, integrate healthier habits seamlessly into your daily life. This might even free up time as you become more efficient and shed activities that no longer align with your well-being.

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It doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact, those who try to tackle everything at once often struggle to maintain their enthusiasm. That’s why we’ll begin with small, manageable steps, gradually building a solid foundation at your own pace. Our goal is to make it a sustainable way of life, not just another passing trend.