Katrina Hawes is an integral part of my well-being.  She is knowledgeable, warm, and positive.  She helps me look at my health as a whole system and something worth taking care of.

~ Lisa VR


With all the information about health on the internet it can be complicated to know where to start.  Katrina has been a helpful guide on my journey to wellness.  She is great at focusing on issues important to my age and to my specific needs.

~Kathy L


I have worked with Katrina for about 8 months for my whole body wellness program.  Katrina is extremely knowledgeable in whole health and best practices for living your best life.  Katrina helps you learn and understand why we should make ourselves and our heath a priority.  Katrina has a very calm and soothing bedside manner as she walks you through the test kits and your results.  She takes a lot of information and makes it understandable and easy to follow.  Her positive vibes and innate want to truly help you feel better is so comforting and inviting.  I highly recommend working with Katrina and having her walk with you to a healthy and happy new or improved YOU!

~Talitha F


I love that Katrina doesn’t push me, she guides me gently but effectively to where I’m headed.  Her insight into me is as spot on as her recommendations.

~Heidi H


I recently started a wellness program with Katrina and the first thing I noticed is how knowledgeable and passionate she is. There’s so much information out there and she does a great job at boiling down not only what’s important, but what’s important to YOU.

~Zeke L


I have begun my wellness journey with Katrina’s help.  Her suggestions have helped me and my sons.  I have less anxiety and more energy which I need with two busy boys.  For my son she suggested a proprietary herbal blend that works for my little guy.  She’s knowledgeable and caring.  I’m appreciative and thankful for her service.

~Veronica M

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